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penelope richardson art safiental

Making a wish in Tenna

Making ‘I wish I was there’ in Tenna ‘I wish I was there’ is an artwork I made during the first Alps Art Academy in Tenna, Switzerland. It was made possible thanks to the community in Tenna who were extremely helpful with all aspects of my project, especially Cathrin, Yolanda and the Mayor of Safiental, […]

Penelope Richardson Art Safiental

‘I wish I was there’, Alps Art Academy

We all hope and dream and when we travel we go with good intentions. This work is a giant wishing pole set upon a small hill in the alps. A place that calls for meditation and contemplation. It is easy to walk up to the piece from the town and experience the smells and textures […]

I wish I was there. Penelope Richardson Art Safiental

‘I wish I was there’, Art Safiental, Tenna Switzerland

‘I wish I was there’ is the place to make a wish. The giant wishing pole sits on the top of a herb covered hill and is waiting for you to visit and make a wish. Part of Art Safiental, it is onn display in public space in the town of Tenna, Switzerland until the […]