Go with the Floe Exhibition

Doing (great) time in the SPCE POP-UP AKADEMIE

For 151 Days until 30th May this year, I was lucky to be part of the SPCE Pop-up Akademie. Not only did I meet wonderful people I was also part of many different projects and exhibitions. The fact that the project was based in the absolute downtown of Munich was an absolute bonus.

Sketching Events with Fun Life Draw

For a start, I used the space as a location to launch my new business Fun Life Draw Life-Drawing for team building. During the 5 months, I offered Figure Drawing After Work every Friday in February and March. For Open Space #2, Open Space #3 and Open Space #4 Room 506 was a place for live sketching. During these events, more than 60 people came along and sketched our handsome model for 2 hours or more. The highlight of  Open Space #5, the last open day of the Pop-up Akademie was the Fun Life Draw outdoor open-air sketching called “Model in the Box“.

%© Penelope Richardson 17

Exhibitions and Curating

Since I am also a member of the Paul Klinger Künstlersozialwerk I was involved in the activities in Room 517 too. On the last evening of SPCE Nir Avner, Zucker Suzi and Penelope Richardson did a joint exhibition installation called ‘Vernetzt’.

Using the opportunity to have different spaces for exhibiting I curated a show in 5 days called ‘Spontaneous with Friends’.  It was a one-day exhibition with artists from Australia, Germany, Ukraine and the USA. We made work in dialogue just like a conversation with old friends.

The Artists: Eva Kollmar (DE), Karin Fröhlich (DE), Anne Pincus(AU), Penelope Richardson (AU), Sabine Schlunk (DE), Yuliia Koval (AE), Florian Goberge (DE) and Moses Williams (US). Since the exhibition, the dialogue continues.

%© Penelope Richardson 17

Solo Shows

I also did two solo exhibitions during the time. One was “Go with the Floe”, a mobile iceberg exhibited in various formations in Room 518 across the space of an evening. The second show, “Book Works: Artist’s Books” took place in Room 506. I had an opportunity to exhibit more than 20 years of artist’s books I made in the quiet of my studio.

%© Penelope Richardson 17

Building Networks

My room became a hub of activity during the 5 months and was used for networking by a group of artists from GEDOKmuc developing an international exchange exhibition, Christine Steiner the founder of the A8 Galerie was a regular visitor and she used the room to promote her regional gallery project all through January. Muße Stunde für Kinder, creative workshops for kids by Carola Konrad also found a home with me during the 5 months. And so far I haven’t mentioned my fabulous neighbours from Salon F, Short-time Gallery and Susn Kohl from the Atelier Alltags Design.

Watch the Spce film from Did You Know and SIGNA the major supporter of the Popup Akademie.

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