Mexico Dreaming at Marburger Frühling

Mexico Dreaming at Marburger Frühling.

%© Penelope Richardson 17

Penelope Richardson’s works “Frida” and “Diego” to be seen at Galerie JPG during the Margburger Frühling.


%© Penelope Richardson 17

Penelope Richardson is part of Kunst, Kultur und Kraüter at Galerie JPG in Marburg.

“Seit Jahren arbeitet Penelope Richardson gattungsübergreifend in München und ist dort vor allem für ihre Druckgrafik bekannt. Ihre Marburger Ausstellung “Mexico Dreaming” lockt mit frühlingshaften, frischen Farben: Pink, Neongelb, Orange neben Ozeanblau und Avocadogrün. Diese visuelle Erlebnis überträgt sich für den Besucher in ein schmackhaftes – die gebürtige Australierin wird ihrer Performance Guacamole produzieren.”

“For years, Penelope Richardson has been working across genres in Munich, where she is best known for her printmaking. Her Marburg exhibition “Mexico Dreaming” entices with spring-like, fresh colours: pink, neon yellow, orange next to ocean blue and avocado green. Visitors can expect a tasty show – the native Australian will produce guacamole in her performance during the exhibition opening. ”

%© Penelope Richardson 17

Casa Gilardi and other works by Penelope Richardson at Galerie JPG. also visited the exhibition to talk to the artist and photograph the “Mexican Dreaming”.

Myheimat says, “Charming, with cheerful apron, wild open red curls and Australian-Bavarian words Penelope Richardson transformed Gallery JPG one evening into a Mexican street stall with a guacamole cooking show. Right at the beginning of her pop-up performance “Mexican Dreaming”, the concept artist suggested to the eagerly attentive circle of guests, that not every guacamole that one knows in this country is a real one! Only the homemade magic is right, Mexican culture in the mortar. A culinary insight that each guest could either prepare themselves in the gallery or at least taste together with the matching tortilla chips. While Richardson did not only convince with cleverly placed shopping tips but also informed expertly about alternatively usable foods and their advantages and disadvantages for the perfect and real avocado dip. The optical sensations associated with the culinary delight were invigorating, colourful and chilli-spicy…

For many years, the Australian has been attracted to the Mexican indigenous cultures, the special colour and formative treasures of Indian folk art. She discovered the Mexican capital and the temples of the Maya and Aztecs for the first time, during her studies in Latin America in the 1990s. Not only the folk art but the architectural forms and the colors of the famous architect Luis Barragán and his Casa Gilardi inspired Richardson’s “Mexico Dreaming”  in painting and graphics. The result is, for example, the artist’s book in Weidenhausen with geometric-abstract compositions of floating gardens or snakehead motifs, which were created during a stay in the agave and cactus land last spring. In her studio near the Sendlinger Tor emerged works in the Risograph printing process, which are attractive in the hand-bound artist’s book (limited edition of 15 pieces) or individually available for the small purse. “The book is inspired by my trip to Mexico City, Oaxaca and Yucatan, visiting the homes of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and the modern and ancient cultures of the country,” Richardson recalled happily.”

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