Eating Patterns, Penelope Richardson.

What do Latvians like to eat?

%© Penelope Richardson 17

Artist Penelope Richardson will explore Latvian cuisine and inspire your tastebuds during her upcoming performance for the camera – ‘Eating Patterns’.

‘Eating Patterns’ is part of an exhibition curated by the Latvian curator, Diana Popova called ‘Monocular Spectator – Performance for the Camera’. The show will open with a performance by Penelope Richardson at the galerieGEDOKmuc in Munich on the 11th November at 7 pm.

The exhibition was devised by Diana Popova during a 3 month residency at the Villa Waldberta outside Munich. She invited artists from GEDOK for proposals.

‘Eating Patterns’ was devised especially as a performance with a Latvian focus for the exhibition. It will mimic the TV cooking show format with surprising results. Prior to this Richardson has done other food performances such as ‘Guacamole’.

A film will be produced as part of the exhibition.

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