Eating Patterns, Penelope Richardson.

What do Latvians like to eat?

%© Penelope Richardson 17

Artist Penelope Richardson will explore Latvian eating patterns and cuisine while inspiring your tastebuds during her upcoming Performance for the Camera – ‘Eating Patterns’.

‘Eating Patterns’ is part of an exhibition curated by the Latvian curator, Diana Popova called ‘Monocular Spectator – Performance for the Camera’. The show will open with a performance by Penelope Richardson at the galerieGEDOKmuc in Munich on the 11th November at 7 pm.

The curator, Diana Popova devised the exhibition during a 3-month residency at the Villa Waldberta outside Munich. She invited artists from GEDOK Munich to propose performative ideas for the show. Popova and Richardson worked together to make a new work for the show with a Latvian twist. All I can say is Rupjmaizes Kartojums.

Richardson previously created a food performance for her exhibition ‘Mexico’ and has now developed ‘Eating Patterns’, a performance with a Latvian focus, especially for this exhibition. It mimics the TV cooking show format with surprising results.

Richardson performs for the camera in an own made costume which references traditional Latvian dress. It’s made of various materials and patterns and all sewn together by hand.

A backdrop of large scale paintings on paper was also painted by the artist. The painted patterns are in bright oranges, reds and pinks and represent the traditional forms found in Latvian folklore. The artist turns these paintings on paper into the backdrop to her Performance for the Camera – ‘Eating Patterns’.

During her performance, the artist prepares the popular Latvian dessert Rupjmaizes Kartojums. The curator gave her the recipe without the method so the artist must work out how it is made. At the end of the performance, the audience will have a chance to taste the dish.

A film is to be produced as part of the exhibition.

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