Mexico Penelope Richardson

Mexico in Black and White

Mexico in Black and White

‘Mexico’ is my lastest project and it is all printed on my Risograph. During my recent trip to Mexico City and the Yucatan I gave myself the challenge to create a new pattern every day based on what I had seen on my travels. Sometimes the pattern is based on a detail of what I saw or it is a bringing together of a number of experiences into one image. The original drawings were done with a variety of materials ranging from charcoal and watercolor to biro and pencil. For the ‘Mexico’ book I recreated the patterns from my original sketches to be printed at a bigger scale. Using a Risographer printer means I could keep the hand drawn, spontaneous feeling from the original sketches.

The collection of drawings have been published as a limited edition artist book by Slowkunst.

Watch my site for info about the lauch.

ISBN: 978-0-9750308-7-5

Imprint: SlowKunst

A Risographic printed hand-bound artist book.

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