“Books” exhibition 24th Nov – 16th Dec 2011, Steindruck München

%© Penelope Richardson 17

Penelope Richardson and Ulla von Gemmingen exhibit hand-made lithographic books.

Books exhibition featuring Penelope Richardson’s limited edition artist’s book “Home Story”.

Home Story is an artist’s book based on life in Hitler’s Berghof as described by Pauline Kohler the so-called author of “I was Hitler’s Maid” (pub. 1940, John Long, London). The authenticity of the original book has come into dispute. It has recently been suggested the autobiographical work was part of British black propaganda leading into World War II.

Richardson’s artist’s book takes Pauline Kohler’s book as a launching point to explore the question of who Pauline Kohler could have been, as well as taking us on a journey through the architecture of the Berghof itself.

Home Story was previously exhibited as part “Banned Books” at the Baileau Library, the University of Melbourne and a copy was purchased by the Special Collection.



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