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Go with the Floe Exhibition

Doing (great) time in the SPCE POP-UP AKADEMIE

For 151 Days until 30th May this year, I was lucky to be part of the SPCE Pop-up Akademie. Not only did I meet wonderful people I was also part of many different projects and exhibitions. The fact that the project was based in the absolute downtown of Munich was an absolute bonus. Sketching Events […]

20 Position Curators Inge Kurtz and Penelope Richardson

Setting-Up ’20 Positionen’ 2019

Setting-up ’20 Positionen’ 2019 Setting-up ’20 Positionen’ 2019 took place on the 13th May this year. Twenty artists from GEDOK Munich delivered and hung their artworks in record time. Curators, Inge Kurtz and Penelope Richardson did the fine-tuning. The show opened on 23rd May. Read more and see the photos of the launch here. To […]

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Instagram feed

Here you will see works in progress, ideas from the studio and other things I encounter in my travels. When I am really happy with my progress or find something particularly funny, curious or absurd I put an image up in my Instagram feed. My works can be inspired by my travels, such as my […]


Colourful Cats lurk in Gauting corners

Tiere – Kitsch Verboten The colourful cats titled ‘Echte Bieste I and II’, or ‘Real Beasts’ in English, are on show in the latest curated members exhibition organised by Kunstverein Gauting. The exhibition is open until 26th of November in the Rathaus Gauting. 48 members have works in the show all with reference to the […]

collaboration skategirlcolombia and penelope richardson

Collaboration with Skategirls

Art Collaboration with Skategirls from Colombia I had the luck this week to meet the Skategirls from Colombia while they were in Munich giving art and skate classes in schools. We met during a print workshop given by the Colombian artist Jose Antonio Suarez Londoño who is currently exhibiting at Villa Stuck in Munich. I […]

curator Penelope Richardson

Curating and Politics

20 Positionen. The exhibition opens this Thursday 28th June in the Akademie Politische Bildung in Tutzing at 7 pm. Everyone invited. 20 GEDOK artists come together in this tightly curated exhibition. Each work has a political twist relating to current and historical politics. Architecture, the role of women and the #Me-too debate are just a number […]

Penelope Richardson Guacamole performance April 2018 Galerie JPG

Guacamole Performance: Galerie JPG Marburg

Guacamole Performance in Spring at Galerie JPG in Marburg The Guacamole Performance was conceived as part of the Mexico series. I want to give viewers a real taste of Mexico to enhance the experience of the paintings. I believe food is an entry point into the work. During the performance, I dress a bit like […]